Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex

How to order this plant

When I first saw this plant, it was love at first sight.
It took me a lot of effort to get a couple of rhizomes.
Now, many years later, I'm able to offer a number of rhizomes to others every year.
They will be shipped well packed, without pot and soil to any country within the E.U.

From October 1st until March 1st, but only as long as stock lasts, I offer you:
* 1 rhizome for 10,00
* 2 rhizomes for 19,50
* 3 rhizomes for 28,50
* 4 rhizomes for 37,00
* 5 rhizomes for 45,00
* 9 rhizomes for 75,00

* 1 rhizome with 2 growing tips for 16,50
* 2 rhizomes with 2 growing tips for 30,00

Sometimes I have multi-nosed rhizomes available, ask for the possibilities

The very rare Sanguinaria canadensis 'Star' with star shaped flowers, has a limited availability, therefore there is a maximum of 2 rhizomes per buyer/address:
* 1 rhizome for 14,00
* 2 rhizomes for 27,50

* 1 rhizome with 2 growing tips for 22,50
* 2 rhizomes with 2 growing tips for 40,00

Sanguinaria 'Star'

Novelty Sanguinaria canadensis 'New 2016' with up to 24 petals on flowers from well settled plants that are kept untouched for a couple of years.
Flowers very early, a few weeks before the other cultivars are in bloom.
From autumn 2016 only a few plants available every year, limited to 1 plant per buyer/address.
* 1 rhizome for 30,00

Sanguinaria 'New 2016'

The extremely rare Sanguinaria canadensis 'Rosea' with soft pink coloured petals, will be available from autumn 2017 with just a few plants each year.
Limited to 2 rhizomes per buyer/address, make your reservation timely.
* 1 rhizome for 30,00
* 2 rhizomes for 57,50

* 1 rhizome with 2 growing tips for 42,50
* 2 rhizomes with 2 growing tips for 75,00

Please note that there is already a waiting list for this plant.

Sanguinaria 'Rosea'

Email me your wishes and you'll get the information to make the payment for your order.

Mail to: sanguinaria [at]
You can write in English, German/Deutsch, Dutch/Nederlands

The most important things to know before you place an order

Payment options:
-- By wire banktransfer in Euros
-- Sending cash at your own risk
-- Through PayPal. You pay 4% extra (for some countries 5,5%) to cover PayPal costs with a minimum of 1.50. When paid through PayPal I only ship as Registered Mail.

Shipping options 2016:
-- Priority Mail: 7,50 for up to 4 rhizomes with one growing tip or 3 rhizomes with two growing tips. 10,00 for more rhizomes.
-- Registered / Signed for + Track & Trace + insured until 50,00 to all European countries: 12,50 for up to 4 rhizomes with 1 growing tip or 3 with 2.
-- Registered / Signed for + Track & Trace + insured until 500,00:
==>> to Belgium, Germany, U.K., Luxemburg, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden: 16,00
==>> to other E.U. countries: 22,00

* Shipping is always at risk of the buyer.
* I don't accept any responsibility for lost and/or damaged packages, however the rhizomes are of course well packed.
* Returns, exchanges or money-back is not possible.
* is a private person and not a company.
* Shipment often follows within 1-3 days after receipt of your payment, Registered shipments and Post Packets can take a few days longer because for these I'll need to visit the post office. Right after your order has been sent, I'll send you an email to let you know.

Reservation of Sanguinaria rhizomes:
Between March 1st and October 1st no plants are shipped, to avoid damages and loss of growth.
But it is possible to order them already for shipment after October 1st.
Orders are treated on a first-in-first-served basis as long as stock lasts.
For reservations of 5 and more rhizomes a down payment of 15.00 has to be paid.
When you cancel the reservation later, this down payment will not be refunded.

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